"Private Matters"

You want to keep sensitive information private, but you're still in search for the truth.

Where did your belongings go?

You are missing something, and can't find it. You do have an idea of where it might be, but finding that out could be a bit delicate or complicated. Finding out should better be left to someone else.

Where are the youngsters all night?

When you're young you want to have fun. We can all understand that. But sometimes you can be genuinely worried, and you would like to make sure the next generation stays on the straight and narrow. Maybe someone could go and have a look...

Who is that anyway?

Your daughter comes home with a new boyfriend, new neighbours move into the house next door... Who are these people anyway? Should you be worried? Better to know for sure then to lie awake thinking about it...

Will you ever see your money again?

They made you an offer you can't refuse. Trees seem to grow all the way to the sky! But are you making a safe investment? Or are you being conned?

Is your ex doing what you agreed?

Usually, after a divorce, some solid agreements are made, not just about money, but also about children. But what happens to the children when they are staying with your ex? Should you trust that everything is okay?

Will you ever see your children again?

Your children are going 'on holiday' with your ex. But this wasn't really planned or agreed, and you have no idea where they are going. Is this a holiday? Or a move?