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De Kort & Partners are a group of experienced and highly skilled private investigators.

Flashy sports cars and daring feats are the lot of private detectives and private investigators--at least on television and in the movies. In the real world, people in this occupation might spend a typical day sitting in a car, watching for someone to appear; strolling around a store, seeking to catch shoplifters; or sitting in front of a computer, accessing information from electronic databases. Most private plainclothes detectives protect stores, hotels, and other establishments from theft, vandalism, and disorder. In contrast, the main job of private investigators is to obtain information; they do this in many ways, pending on the types of investigations they conduct.

Private detectives working as general private investigators have duties ranging from locating missing persons to exposing fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Many investigators who work for private investigations firms look into anything the client wishes; hence, there is no typical set of duties. Others specialize in one field, such as finance, where they might use accounting skills to investigate the financial standing of a company.

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  • find a witness
  • find an offender
  • find a beneficiary
  • ...

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